Franchise Opportunities

Unique Franchise opportunity!

Roxberry is a distinctive concept in the high-growth fresh juice and smoothie niche. A simple menu featuring unique offerings and fresh, bold flavors combined with the speed and convenience of quick service places Roxberry at a distinctive advantage in this growing market segment.

With a low cost of entry, and a high upside potential, you may be a great candidate to be a Roxberry owner! If you are interested in owning a franchise location, please fill out the format the bottom of this page and tell us  a little bit about yourself, your business background, and your desired franchise area to us today!

The Roxberry franchising system is a step-by-step method for developing your own business. Whether you are a beginning developer or a seasoned restaurateur the support system will hold your hand from the beginning of site selection, through architecture and construction phases, to management training and Grand Opening. During each phase of the opening process the Roxberry corporate staff assists you with each task’s successful completion. You have daily contact with corporate through email support and phone support. The Roxberry Management Training program is a comprehensive management course, covering every aspect of ownership and management.

Ongoing support focuses on communication with daily email communications from operations and marketing at the corporate headquarters, and 7 day a week phone support. The Roxberry Franchise System philosophy views their franchisees as their customers–exceeding their expectations is a daily goal. By focusing on communication and committing to excellence Roxberry Franchise System dedicates themselves to the success of their franchisees.

Franchise FAQ

Q. How much will I need to invest?
A. The estimated cost of a Roxberry will be between $170,750 – $392,000.

Q. What does the franchise system include?
A. Owning and operating an assigned Roxberry, use of the brand name, trademarks, recipes, operational systems and methods, and decor. Additionally, you will receive support in these specific areas:
• Facility planning on site location and architectural design
• Specifications for fixtures, equipment, and leasehold improvements
• Assistance in site selection and lease negotiation
• Corporate training for Owner/Operator and Director of Operations/General Managers
• Kitchen/ Back of the House Workflow design
• Ongoing support from members of the Training and Operations Team
• Ongoing updates for increasing profitability
• Products with high industry demand
• Efficiency in all systems
• Favorable national contracts with suppliers of goods and services
• Operating manuals, policies, procedures, and business management systems

Q. Who designs and builds my store?
A. Roxberry Franchise System will provide the franchisee with architectural assistance with drawings and specifications. Franchisee will negotiate with construction contractor and other construction suppliers, with assistance in supervision and management of the construction of the facility under the Roxberry Construction Consulting Agreement.

Q. How much is the franchise fee for a Roxberry?
A. $25,000 per store location.

Q. Does Roxberry offer Single and Area Development franchise opportunities?
A. Yes. Roxberry is actively seeking qualified candidates to develop single or multiple unit franchise stores.

Q. How much are the on-going royalties?
A. 6% of total gross sales less sales tax.

Q. What type of Marketing assistance is available?
A. Roxberry will have available for the franchisees a complete Grand Opening and on-going Local Store Marketing program.

Q. How much money can I make from a Roxberry restaurant?
A. The Federal Trade Commission will not let us make any earnings claims to prospective franchisees. Therefore, we rely on our franchisees to supply you information on this subject and, with some effort on your part, you can put together a fairly accurate pro forma.

Q. How is the site selected for my store?
A. Roxberry will provide Real Estate assistance in the site procurement process including negotiation with the mall or retail space owners.

Q. Is there any experience necessary to own a Roxberry?
A. Yes, but not necessarily in foodservice. Roxberry actively searches for candidates with a strong background in business management.

Q. Do I need to be involved in the day-to-day operation of my franchise?
A. At least one owner or a designated manager must be involved on a full-time basis and must be responsible for the day-to-day operations and management.

Q. How will I know if I have the necessary finances?
A. Your completed personal profile will be evaluated by our finance department. A Roxberry senior manager will let you know how your financial status fits within our profile and what your financing options might be, if needed.

Q. How long is the term of a Roxberry franchise agreement?
A. The franchise term is twenty (20) years.